Advantages of EPDM seals:

  • Maximum sealing in extreme weather conditions due to excellent temperature stability (from -40 ° to + 150 ° C).
  • Very resistant to wear, aging, weather, ozone and UV rays.
  • Color-resistant, therefore, they do not get out of the window frames.
  • The most tried and used method of sealing.
  • Test materials used by windows manufacturers and other industries for decades.

Do not wait for spring

The winter garden would be best described as “The Garden for All Seasons”, because the light-flooded garden room offers you complete comfort in every season of the year. You will feel pleasant when it rains, it’s snowing, it’s cold or when the sun is shining.

You spend the whole year in a winter garden with your family. In the spring you can watch the first awakening of your green garden. In the summer you can enjoy a light breeze that blows through the fully open front wall. In autumn, you feel comfortable and watch with interest the falling of leaves from the trees. And in winter, when you look over the snowy landscape, you are already welcoming spring in your winter garden.