Advantages of EPDM seals:

  • Maximum sealing in extreme weather conditions due to excellent temperature stability (from -40 ° to + 150 ° C).
  • Very resistant to wear, aging, weather, ozone and UV rays.
  • Color-resistant, therefore, they do not get out of the window frames.
  • The most tried and used method of sealing.
  • Test materials used by windows manufacturers and other industries for decades.
The glass represents the majority of the surface of the window, therefore it is an extremely important component of every quality window. It provides additional thermal and acoustic insulation and provides protection against light and curious gazes.

Modern technological processing provides safety glasses that will protect you from uninvited burglars and unpredictable weather conditions. In Ancora, we are aware of the importance of the glass component and therefore absolutely rely on our trusted glass supplier ERTL GLAS.

Different types of glasses







Altdeuch brown




Safety glasses

The concept of safety glass denotes the ability of the glass to, in spite of fracture, at least partially meet the safety requirements. Safety glasses are divided into:

  • laminated safety glass VSG

The laminated glass consists of two or more layers of glass. Between them is the adhesive layer, which ensures that when the glass breaks apart, the glass particles will remain in place and not disperse. The use of safety glass provides anti-burglary and anti-bullet protection, and it is also recommended when using glass for glazing in internal architecture, for example for glass fences, stairs and glazing of galleries, and outside for facade glazing and roofing.

Laminated glass

  • tempered safety glass ESG – heat treated

Tempered glass has a four to five times higher resistance to shocks, higher bending strength and increased resistance to temperature changes compared to conventional glasses. Its main advantage is that when glass breaks there are no sharp parts, but the glass gets the appearance of a spider web and the particles are small and blunt thus not posing a risk.

Tempered glass


The crosses are an elegant decoration to achieve a visual division of the window. We offer interlaced or glued crosses in different colours and widths.

Interlaced cross

Glued cross