Advantages of EPDM seals:

  • Maximum sealing in extreme weather conditions due to excellent temperature stability (from -40 ° to + 150 ° C).
  • Very resistant to wear, aging, weather, ozone and UV rays.
  • Color-resistant, therefore, they do not get out of the window frames.
  • The most tried and used method of sealing.
  • Test materials used by windows manufacturers and other industries for decades.

Insect shades – additional feeling of comfort

Insect shades are effective protection against mosquitoes and other insects.

The use and installation of insect shades is simple and they can be installed on already completed objects. They are very durable, made of aluminium profiles and fibreglass mesh, resistant to UV rays, and despite protection enable the flow of fresh air and almost unhindered view from the room. Depending on the object and the wishes of the users, we offer several types of insect shades: fixed insect shades, roller insect shades, swinging (door) insect shades, sliding insect shades and pleated insect shades.

Fixed insect shade

Stand-alone fixed insect shades are suitable for mounting on all types of windows, even where rollers or other outdoor blinds are already mounted. The fixed insect shade consists of an aluminium profile and an almost invisible plasticized net of glass fibres resistant to external weather influences, minimally reducing the air flow and fastened to the profile with a rubber tube.

The roller insect shade

The roller insect shade easily rises and descends while the mesh moves along the side guides and rolls on the upper tube mounted in an attractive aluminium cassette. The roller insect shades can be opened horizontally or vertically. The roller insect shades can be self-contained or integrated into the external shade housing (rollers or blinds) and is virtually invisible except the net.

Swinging (door) insect shade

At the passages from the interior to the terrace or balconies we can use the swinging insect shade doors with a self-closing mechanism which can be opened from the outside or inside. On the swinging insect shades with a self-closing mechanism a stronger metal mesh can be used on the lower part by using a cross-sectional profile which can also prevent large intruders from entering. One or two-casement version is possible, but it is recommended that the casement is not more than 120 cm wide.

Sliding insect shade

The sliding insect shade is extremely functional, practical and efficient. It is very suitable for sliding windows and sliding balcony doors. It consists of ALU-profiles, insect mesh and ALU-guides, by which the insect shade slides. On sliding insect shades a stronger metal mesh can be used on the lower part using a cross-sectional profile which also prevents large intruders from entering.

Pleated insect shade

The pleated insect shade is a quality and stylishly finished product and its management is simple and easy. Its advantage is that it can be mounted frontally to the window frame. The pleated insect shade consists of a frame made of aluminium, a durable mechanism and a net. The pleated insect shade is welded and reinforced with cords. The advantage of the pleated insect shade is in the low threshold at the passage which provides a carefree step. The pleated insect shade can also be mounted on windows, especially where there is not enough space for the roller insect shade. The versions of the pleated insect shades are different; single pleated insect shade door for widths up to 250cm or double pleated insect shade door for widths up to 275 cm. In a single system, the pleated insect shade can be closed from the left or from the right side and in the double system towards the centre, from the left and right sides, where it is closed together with a magnet, which is clamped along the entire height of the final profile. The shade is standard gravy.