Advantages of EPDM seals:

  • Maximum sealing in extreme weather conditions due to excellent temperature stability (from -40 ° to + 150 ° C).
  • Very resistant to wear, aging, weather, ozone and UV rays.
  • Color-resistant, therefore, they do not get out of the window frames.
  • The most tried and used method of sealing.
  • Test materials used by windows manufacturers and other industries for decades.


General terms and conditions of business are governed by the rights and obligations of both parties, namely Ancora d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the company) and the buyer of products and / or services (hereinafter referred to as the customer, and determine the manner, content and terms of business. The general terms and conditions of the company are an integral part of every contract, offer or quotation.

All agreements, offers, confirmations and agreements between the company and the customer must be submitted in writing. Additional oral agreements and conditions are invalid.
Due to the nature of the products offered by the company the terms of sale and supply are specific.


Before accepting the offer and confirming the order, the client is obliged to inspect the offer carefully (check the sketches and all the information) and, in case of uncertainty, request clarification of the unclear information by the company. Any subsequent ambiguity cannot be claimed by the customer and cannot be the subject of customer complaints and warranty claims. The offer is always valid only for the stated positions, dimensions, quantities and descriptions. The offer is valid and binding for the company only within the validity period of the offer which is stated on the offer itself. If the dimensions or quantities of elements change the company reserves the right to change prices. The new version of the offer will replace the previous version of the offer. The elements are drawn with a view from the inside for all positions unless otherwise specified in the description. Pictures in the offer are symbolic.

Before accepting the offer and confirming the order, the customer is obliged to:

  • determine the mounting position of the element with respect to the construction aperture,
  • to determine the thickness of the insulation they intend to install (new constructions and adaptations) and in what way (type of insulation, method of attachment, thickness of insulation in soffit area …),
  • determine the installation location of the element,
  • set a height point for each element

By accepting the offer the customer confirms the compliance of the items in the offer with the points specified above.
If the customer does not provide the above information it shall assume responsibility in the event that the work performed by the company does not conform to the remaining work by the other operators.

The company reserves the right to make changes in the manufacturing of windows and doors in the case of constructional technical details, which vary from case to case and do not affect functionality. In the event that a customer orders the wrong product or deviates from other mutual obligations, the company is entitled to claim reimbursement of the costs incurred, including any additional costs. If the customer orders the wrong product, the return of the product is not possible.

The offer counts as received and the order as confirmed if:

  • An advance payment of at least 40% of the amount of the offer was made.
  • Collateral was delivered.
  • Contract was signed.
  • Agreed contractual obligations are fulfilled.
  • All outstanding receivables from past operations are settled (the company reserves the right to withhold the order and products and consequently extend the delivery period for at least the receivables settlement duration).
  • Other implicit actions are performed and confirmed in writing by the company as relevant as a result of a permanent business.

By accepting the offer and confirming the order, the client confirms that it is acquainted with the general terms and conditions of the company’s operations and fully accepts them. The client has the right to cancel the order or change the information that affects the order no later than 1 business day after the acceptance of the offer and the confirmation of the order in written form only. After this deadline, any subsequent changes to the information or cancellation of the order are not recognized and any incurred additional costs are charged to the customer.


If the measurements are made by the company, the responsibility for measurements is taken over by the company (if certain factors affecting the dimensions of the product were impossible to foresee and the client did not warn the company, the company assumes no liability and any additional costs are charged to the customer – all customer warnings must be made in writing) otherwise, the customer is responsible for the costs and any additional costs incurred as a result of incorrect customer measurements.

Additional work that is not included in the offer and is necessary for the completion of the order (damage due to the removal of old windows, non-rectangular openings, sloping old windows, invisible installations, wall reflections, brickwork, flight, siliconization, cladding, removal, protection of profiles, removal of wedges, etc.) and could not be predicted at the time of measurement are additionally charged to the customer or performed by the customer. In the case of additional works, the company reserves the right to extend the delivery date and invoice submission.

After agreement with the company and / or contractual subcontractors additional ordered works ordered by the customer during the installation (e.g. end profiles, window disposal) are charged. If the client orders the processing of wedges, they are made with gypsum-cardboard parts (“gypsum”) and do not include painting works but are carried out until the phase of fine covering of the entire surface without grinding.


Prices are set and expressed in euro.
Discounts do not add up. Special offers are exempt from discounts.

The company reserves the right to change the price of products without prior notice in case of:

  • price changes according to the price list
  • increase in price of raw materials

Unit prices do not include value added tax (VAT). VAT is charged and shown separately on the basis of customer provided information. The customer is required to notify the company of any information that may affect the VAT calculation method before the invoice is issued.
VAT is charged according to ZDDV-1.
If the offer includes a reduced tax rate of 9.5%, the natural person by accepting and confirming the offer declare they are the owner of the facility on the offer and that the net usable area of ​​the one-dwelling facility does not exceed 250 m2 or 120 m2 in the case of a apartment dwelling of a multi-apartment building.
Reverse tax liability under Article 76.a of the ZDDV-1 applies only to legal persons who have a VAT ID. In these cases, VAT is not charged.

Prices are valid for EXW at company headquarters Ljubljana-Šentvid (without transport pallets), unless otherwise stated in the offer.

The customer makes a payment to only one of the transaction accounts of the company listed on the offer or account. Representatives, brokers and installers are not authorized to receive payments.
The customer has the right to refuse the invoice within 8 days after receiving the invoice (invoice). Otherwise the company understands that the customer has fully accepted the invoice (invoice) and does not accept the rejection of the invoice.

In case of late payment or failure to pay the invoice, the company has the right to demand default interest in accordance with the law, from the day of maturity of the individual payment amount until the day of payment. After the invoice due date, the customer assumes the entire risk of accidental destruction or damage to goods. The company reserves the right to charge customer for the default notice payment in the amount of € 40.

Goods are the property of the company until the total invoice amount is paid. In the event of default and non-fulfilment of the buyer’s obligations, the company reserves the right of ownership of the goods even after its delivery to the customer until the customer settles the payment or fulfils all obligations as a whole.

In accordance with the previous paragraph, in the event of a breach of contractual provisions, in particular non-payment and delay in payment, the company reserves the right to take the goods back (uninstalled elements in its entirety, for the built-in elements -casements), without violating the contractual obligations. The customer allows the company to have unobstructed access to these items and their removal.

In the case of installation of items for which the purchase amount is not settled, the company reserves the right to reimburse the benefits that the client had from these items. In this case, the company does not violate contractual obligations and the customer waives any claims.


  1. 100% advance payment on order to the company account with a 3% additional discount.
  2. In case of assembly: 40% advance payment on order, 60% within 8 days after assembly. In case without assembly: 50% advance payment on order, 50% before delivery.
  3. Payment after delivery within 15 days after receipt of the invoice whereby the customer secures payment with a bank guarantee at the time of contract signing.
  4. By contract


The delivery deadline is determined by the company according to the offer / demand and the business process occupancy. The indicative delivery date is indicated on the offer. If the offer contains products that have different delivery times, the delivery time specified for the product with the longest delivery date is taken into account.

Indicative delivery times are defined for standard and non-standard products, where standard products comprise:


  • PVC in standard colour
    • double-sided white, dark oak / white, golden oak / white, mahogany / white and anthracite / white double-sided decor: dark oak, golden oak, mahogany, anthracite
  • PVC ALU-clio in standard RAL colour and standard structural colours, according to the “Schüco colour chart”

Panoramic glazing

  • PVC Sliding Doors and Slip-Sliding Doors Premium in standard colour
    • double-sided white, dark oak / white, golden oak / white, mahogany / white and anthracite / white double-sided decor: dark oak, golden oak, mahogany, anthracite
  • PVC ALU-clio in standard RAL colour and standard structural colours, according to the “Schüco colour chart”

Entrance door

  • PVC DOORS in standard colour
    • double-sided white, dark oak / white, golden oak / white, mahogany / white and anthracite / white double-sided decor: dark oak, golden oak, mahogany, anthracite
  • PVC ALU-clio in standard RAL colour and standard structural colours, according to the “Schüco colour chart”

Shades and accessories:

  • Front-mounted roller blinds in the standard colours of the manufacturer
  • Top-mounted roller blinds in the standard colours of the manufacturer
  • Exterior blinds in the standard colours of the manufacturer
  • Interior blinds in the standard colours of the manufacturer
  • Insect shades in the standard colours of the manufacturer

The delivery time may be extended proportionately in case of:

  • Force majeure, general lack of material from suppliers or extreme weather conditions.
  • Unpredictable obstacles that are not created by the will of the company and are of such nature that they had a significant impact on the fulfilment of obligations.
  • Reasons on the client side.
  • The discrepancies found during assembly. In this case, the company removes the non-compliance as soon as possible.
  • Collective leave of the company or its supplier.

In the event of a delay in the supply of goods or assembly caused by the company (excluding the reasons set out in the paragraph above), the company and the customer agree to a reasonable extension of the deadline without reimbursing damages due to delay, unless otherwise stated in the offer.

The company guarantees good quality of material and manufacturing, but is not responsible for goods that were damaged due to poor storage and handling at the site.


The company informs the client in written form or by telephone about the delivery and assembly deadlines at least one day before possible delivery date or one day before the installation date. One day after the company notice, the responsibility for the goods ready for delivery is transferred to the customer. If the customer does not take over the goods within one month of being informed of the availability of the goods in the warehouse, the company may charge the storage costs (0.5% / day, but not more than 10% of the value of the goods) and the customer assumes responsibility for removing the protective film on the product profiles which must be removed within four weeks.

Takeover of goods and dispatches are possible from Monday to Friday from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm and on Friday at the company’s headquarters, bratov Komle 45, 1000 Ljubljana, whereby the customer must notify the company about the takeover date at least one day before. The goods taken by the customer are not exchanged by the company or taken back. When accepting goods, the customer is obliged to immediately examine the goods, identify the defects or errors, and submit them in written form to the company. Subsequent complaints are dismissed by the company.

Customer or its authorized person must be present at the facility at the beginning and end of the assembly work. If the client does not provide the presence of the investor (it can be one person), it must pay the costs of the possible new visit of the installers to hand over the delivery on another day. After completion of assembly, the customer is obliged to immediately check the goods and the assembly work, identify defects or errors and write them down on the assembly and service report immediately. Subsequent complaints are dismissed by the company.

The signing party confirms on the handover record that the goods are delivered in accordance with the final offer and that the assembly meets quality requirements. The customer thus confirms that the company has fully complied with its obligations arising from the confirmed offer and thus acquires all the rights deriving from it. All documents submitted after the installation is completed must be stored and used later if necessary.

In the event that the customer refuses or fails to fulfil the obligations within a reasonable time, the company may withdraw from the contract and request reimbursement of any damage incurred.


The date of assembly is communicated to the customer at least one day before and is fixed, so the customer cannot arbitrarily reset it without the consent of the company. Assembly can be postponed for the duration of extraordinary weather conditions (low temperatures, storms, etc.) – in this case neither the company nor the customer is responsible for the delay of the delivery.

In the event that the installation on the building is not possible on the date agreed with the assembly planner, all costs incurred are charged to the customer and the customer is obliged to settle them before proceeding. The new date of assembly is determined by agreement and is not the subject of the original delivery date (it is not considered as a delay). In the event that the customer wishes to carry out the assembly of goods in two (or more) parts, additional transport costs are charged to the customer. Responsibility for possible damage to items that are stored at the customer’s location shall be borne by the customer.

The customer is responsible to notify the company or assembly workers of any possible obstacles that would interfere with the current assembly process (hidden installation, plumbing, electrical installation, etc.) prior to the commencement of the installation, otherwise the customer will be responsible for possible costs and damages. The company assumes no liability for any damage resulting from interference with the existing state of the building (e.g. static load capacity of old elements, waterproofing, closing of balconies or terraces, occurrence of floor, wall or ceiling cracks, reduction of building safety, etc.).

Installation does not include the cutting of the PU foam (due to UV stability) unless otherwise stated in the offer, and it is the responsibility of the customer prior to the commencement of further work.

For the assembly, the customer is obliged to ensure free and uninterrupted access to the facility, the place where the goods are installed must be empty, and free access to electricity and basic protection must be provided. For longer assemblies, the customer must also provide a storage space for the tools which must be locked.

The company is not authorized and does not carry out electrical installation work (for example, installation of roller shutters, blinds, doors, etc.).

When dismantling windows and doors old frames should be cut. During the dismantling of any goods, additional work is required in some cases. Additional work is subsequently charged and is a matter of additional offer. When replacing the elements, the company is not responsible for potential damage to window sills and ceramics that occur despite expert disassembly.

The facility is ready for installation when it is possible to install the goods into the construction openings without additional work. For the RAL assembly, the customer must properly prepare the holes: according to the manufacturer’s instructions throughout the entire perimeter of the element (in more detail:

The client is obliged to provide protection and securing of the building, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The opening for assembly of goods and sectional garage and industrial doors must be masonry-ready (fine-plastered) and implemented according to company instructions unless otherwise stated. In the event that the opening is not adequately prepared, all additional costs are charged to the client (re-arrival at the facility, settings, acquisitions …).
The masonry work (e.g. treating the flooring and interior walls) must be performed by the customer before assembly of the elements; the lining and the interior walls must be made in line. The pressure of the object (screed, ceramics …) must be made in line or horizontally and must be finally treated. Assembly of windows and doors is done by screwing through the frame unless otherwise stated in the offer. Assembly of other goods is carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


The company offers a guarantee (according to warranty statement) of:

10 years

  • System warranty on PVC and ALU windows, entrance doors, sliding doors and ALU shutters. The warranty covers all the components of the Schuco manufacturer (profile, hardware, handles, reinforcements, gaskets (EPDM)). The warranty covers the UV resistance of profiles and fittings and the sealing of insulating glasses.

2 years

  • Draws of PVC and ALU elements.

1 year

  • Electro material, assembly.

Other merchandise is subject to warranty terms of suppliers.

The warranty does not apply:

  • If the buyer does not have a valid account;
  • If the buyer does not settle all obligations to the guarantor;
  • If it is found that the defect of the product is due to improper use or maintenance, improper installation or repair of goods by unauthorized persons or force majeure (burglaries, fires, natural disasters, explosions, etc.);
  • If the protective film has not been removed in prescribed time;
  • For minor surface imperfections on articles and glass resulting from mechanical effects in the manufacture (notches, abrasions …) if they do not affect the functionality of the product and are not visible from a distance greater than one meter;
  • For minor surface defects on goods and glass which are defined in the Guidelines for visual quality inspection of glass and are not due to mechanical effects in the manufacturing (notches, bruises …), if the latter do not affect the functionality of the product and if they are not visible from a distance greater than one meter;
  • For mechanical defects of the product after the delivery of goods (abrasions or rises on profiles and glass, glass breaks, mosquito netting, etc.);
  • For any defects resulting from contact with substance (chemical and physical);
  • For damage to products resulting from improper or incorrect use or force majeure (burglaries, fires, natural disasters, explosions, etc.);
  • For the replacement of moving parts due to the increased wear due to specific atmospheric influences;
  • For corrosion in metal-coated glass;
  • For draw or rattle of crosses;
  • For settings of windows, doors, accessories, etc.;
  • After-sales service.

The guarantee is valid on EU territory and does not exclude consumer rights arising from the seller’s responsibility for defects in goods.


The complaint will be rejected in cases where:

  • Guarantee conditions are not met;
  • The materials used are bent up to 4 mm due to thermal expansion and internal tension, while the function and durability are not impaired;
  • Possible consequences on the goods occurring due to the untimely removal (within four weeks) of the protective film and labels (e.g. the ZAG certificate, etc.).
  • Any possible “anisotropy” occurs in the ESG glass, or the “wavy” glass appears in the manufacturing of the ESG.
  • Fracture of glass is not the result of the transport or installation of windows by the company and is caused by a customer, a third party or the cause of glass breakage is unknown. The glass breakage should be recorded in writing at the time of takeover, as the subsequent reclamation is not taken into account.
  • Renolite foils on products (decor) partially change the colour shade due to external weather influences.
  • Various deviations in shades, colours, etc. occur on the products due to the use of various materials and supplies.
  • A wingspan occurs on an element with a height to width ratio greater than 1: 1,5.
  • The elements correspond to the guidelines specified by the supplier.

Service and complaint requests together with a paid invoice can be submitted by the customer by phone tel. no. +386 (0) 1 516 14 06 or by mail: When making a warranty or a claim, the customer must provide a warranty or invoice for the purchase of the company’s goods. If the complaint is rejected and the customer has any kind of service or any material supplied, the customer agrees to pay for the services provided and the goods delivered under the current price list.


The company will deal with all the information obtained in the process of providing the service with professional secrecy and will not forward the data to unauthorized third parties.


The client and the company will resolve any disputes in a consensual manner, otherwise the dispute will be settled by a court in Ljubljana.


The company reserves the right to make changes in prospectuses, catalogues, pricelists, drawings, pictures, calculations and similar documents that do not directly affect the product itself.

The general terms and conditions are valid since 1 January 2019.