Advantages of EPDM seals:

  • Maximum sealing in extreme weather conditions due to excellent temperature stability (from -40 ° to + 150 ° C).
  • Very resistant to wear, aging, weather, ozone and UV rays.
  • Color-resistant, therefore, they do not get out of the window frames.
  • The most tried and used method of sealing.
  • Test materials used by windows manufacturers and other industries for decades.

ALU front door: expression of individuality

Aluminium is characterized by high stability, longevity and diverse design options. It allows large size door manufacturing and optimal thermal insulation. It displays the individual character of the building and enables the appearance of the interior to be flooded with the exterior.

We recommend ALU entrance doors to anyone who wants something more. They are of superior quality, extremely safe, richly equipped and modern – trendy looking. They are suitable for both new buildings and renovations. They offer a lot of possibilities for individual adjustment. Let’s make your dream come true to become the proud owner of Ancora’s ALU entrance doors. They say that the main entrance is the soul of every house and apartment and the reflection of the owner.

The choice of models and accessories is extremely wide: