Advantages of EPDM seals:

  • Maximum sealing in extreme weather conditions due to excellent temperature stability (from -40 ° to + 150 ° C).
  • Very resistant to wear, aging, weather, ozone and UV rays.
  • Color-resistant, therefore, they do not get out of the window frames.
  • The most tried and used method of sealing.
  • Test materials used by windows manufacturers and other industries for decades.
Ancora has a 20-year history of manufacturing doors and windows in Slovenia. During those years we have grown from a small garage company into an experienced team of top experts. The reputation of an innovative manufacturer who is trying to find solutions for its customers has provided us with many demanding construction projects throughout Slovenia and Europe. Many of our competitors envy our list of references.

The high quality of work and materials are guidelines from which we do not deviate and through which we have created our reputation. Finding solutions is our challenge, not a burden. For profiles, we swear exclusively on Schüco profiles and we are the largest client of their Slovenian representative Alukönigstahl. We work with many Slovenian and foreign companies who follow the same principles of excellence in their business.